Turtle Watching Kalametiya


Turtle Watching Kalametiya

As stars shine on wild night oceans, mother sea turtles slowly emerge from the depths and amble on to the southern beaches of Sri Lanka. A coastal stretch in Kalametiya, Tangalle hides the shadows of gentle nesting turtles looking for the right sand to lay their eggs. This coastal stretch, known as Rekawa Beach, is not only known for its moonlit turtle nesting grounds, but a turtle-loving community called the Turtle Conservation Project (TCP) invites you to responsibly watch turtles nesting! Turtle watching in Rekawa is unlike commercial Turtle Hatcheries which don’t contribute to real turtle conservation in Sri Lanka. This is a more guilt-free, soul-lifting experience that lets you ethically look-but-don’t-touch.

Turtle watching in Sri Lanka is available all year round, with a high season from April to July, and a low season from October to January. However, each turtle quest is filled with that same quiet awe; your sandy, moonlit front-row seat lets you actually witness a mama turtle use her flippers to dig a hole and fill the sandy nest with her clutch of soft-shelled eggs. Depending on the species, a typical clutch may contain 50 – 200 eggs! After laying, she tenderly re-fills the nest with sand, re-sculpting and smoothing the surface, and then camouflages the nest with vegetation. Afterwards, she leaves her babies to the care of the TCP – who are committed to making sure the eggs hatch safely – and returns to the sea. As far as ‘Things to do in Tangalle’ goes, this would be the most magical.

About Rekawa Beach

Rekawa is a small fishing village and vital eco-tourism venue located about 10km east of Tangalle. Rekawa beach has been identified as a habitat to various types of aquatic life, but most notably as a nesting hub for turtles, making turtle watching possible. Rare species like the Hawksbill Turtle, Leatherback Turtle, Olive Ridley Turtle, and Green Turtle choose shores scattered along this beach strip – the low population makes human interruption minimal.

About this experience

  • This is a guided experience which starts at 8:30pm and ends at 11:30pm
  • Disturbing the turtles is strictly prohibited
  • Usage of flash photography and white or yellow beam torches is strictly prohibited
  • If there are no turtles to be seen on arrival, you are invited to wait in at the TCP Centre until one appears
  • In the event that no turtles appear, the full cost of the ticket can be refunded

Included in the price

  • Permit fees
  • Transport to the site and back
  • Red beam torches
  • Water and refreshments
  • All government taxes


  • Voluntary staff tips
  • Voluntary donations towards the Turtle Conservation Project (TCP)
  • Anything else not mentioned as ‘included’
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