Kalametiya Lagoon Safari


Kalametiya Lagoon Safari

Enjoy the coastal beauty of southern Sri Lanka but among many things to do in Tangalle, is to explore the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary; the oldest on this island. Take a Lagoon Safari and spend some time on a day excursion you will truly cherish. The biodiversity of this birding hotspot makes it a wonderland for avid birdwatchers.

A landscape highlighted by mangroves and bespeckled with over 150 species of endemic and migratory birds – is a treat not to be missed. This day tour will keep you fascinated, as the waters reveal and conceal schools of fish numbering over 40 species – besides the reptiles and mammals who also inhabit the Park. The local fishing community will come into sight as you move on your boat safari; it’s your call to stop and take in local, traditional ways of fishing and watch the interactions of these people.

Should you like to take a break from the Lagoon Safari and birding, you can step off for a short forest trail which leads to some ruins dating back centuries. You may catch sight of regal peacocks and curious monkeys and, if lucky, quiet porcupines, whilst on the trail. No doubt, the Kalametiya Birding Safari offers you a colourful array of avifauna surrounded by their melodious calls, whilst you adventure upon canoes in the lapping waters of the lagoon. Book your Kalametiya Lagoon Safari now… why not?  

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

Located in southern Sri Lanka, Kalametiya Sanctuary is considered the island’s oldest bird sanctuary. First established in 1938, the birding haven is nestled in a beautiful area between two salt water lagoons, bordering a mangrove swamp and open plains. 
A Lagoon Safari will take you through mangroves and scrublands which are the main habitat types found in this sanctuary. The unique environment plays a key role in supporting breeding colonies of pelicans, herons, egrets and open-billed stork and large wintering populations of migratory ducks and shorebirds – a spectacle to be relished whilst on day tour.
Kalametiya is one of Sri Lanka’s most secluded yet richly blessed nature reserves – that can only be truly enjoyed with a Bird Watching Safari. Though situated in a dry zone, it is one of the most richly endowed bird habitats in the country. This sanctuary is home to several species of birds including: Black-capped Purple Kingfisher, Indian Reef Heron, Jungle Fowls and Glossy Ibis – undoubtedly a place to include in things to do in Tangalle. Additionally, several species of mammals, reptiles and insects have also made their home in the Kalametiya bird sanctuary – lending to the rich and varied biodiversity of this island.

Included in the price

  • Services of a local birding guide
  • Canoe fee
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Life Vests 
  • All applicable Govt. taxes


  • Arrival and departure transportation to and from the starting point [ this could be arranged separately and upon request ] 
  • Any extra beverages or food consumed
  • Any tips to the staff 
  • Any personal effects not mentioned in this description
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