Villa Accommodation in Sri Lanka


Villa Accommodation in Sri Lanka

If you don’t already know this, Sri Lanka is a beautiful island in the midst of the Indian Ocean. It neighbors south India and Maldives, and is blessed with weather conditions you would rather find in larger countries. The coast of Sri Lanka in all provinces are blessed with beautiful turquoise beaches whilst the center of the country is chilly and perfectly cold. What’s in between the cold hills and sunny beaches are unique wildlife, world heritage sites, national forests and rainforests along with centuries old structures belonging to many eras.

Known to be a tourist country, and Lonely Planet’s number 1 destination to visit for 2019, Sri Lanka offers many styles of accommodation. Whilst some would prefer hotel or homestays, villas accommodations are becoming increasingly popular options for guests to stay when visiting the country. A villa accommodation offers you the perfect cross between a hotel and homestay; luxurious, well maintained, well stocked, good dining options with a personal touch and privacy. Lots and lots of privacy with manicured gardens, pools and sometimes private beaches.

Let’s bring our focus to the southern coast of the island; famous for its beaches, lagoons, reefs and surfing spots. The weather in the southern coast is mostly sunny almost throughout the year. But we can’t guarantee that and neither can we tell you what the weather is going to be tomorrow. We can only tell you how the weather was like yesterday or last month. Villa accommodation in Sri Lanka is recommended only when the weather is good. But you know what? The weather is great here for more than half the year! Make it almost throughout the year.

When it comes to your transport, keeping to our well-known local hospitality, almost all villas are more than happy to arrange your airport transfers and even take care of your transport needs in and around the villa. Some villas come equipped with bicycles that gests can hop on during their stay and use it to travel around the town. Some villas will offer you a tuk-tuk service (yes! How more tropical can it get?) often at an added cost because these are done through dedicated tuk-tuk services. Some tuk-tuk agencies have travel packages and will be more than willing to show you around the area, take you to some of the area’s heritage sites and teach you a little about local history. Make sure you inform your villa’s resident manager at least a day in advance if you want to do some sight-seeing with a tuk/guide service.

Most tropical villas are designed to embrace the wonderfully blue skies with turquoise oceans and golden sandy beaches lined with palm trees. In Sri Lanka, people take villa accommodation quite seriously. Villa owners and managers alike makes sure that they provide the highest form of security – some villas even offer safety deposit boxes for their guests in all their rooms. But please do make sure that you do not take this for granted, and leave any of your precious belonging out in the open. If the villa does not provide a safety deposit box, they would at least provide you with a lockable cupboard. Make sure you lock your goods in the cupboard and take the key with you. If not, take the goods with you whenever you step out of the villa.

No villa accommodation is complete without English speaking staff. In Sri Lanka, we understand that our guests are not conversant in our local dialect. That’s why all villas have English speaking staff who are available throughout the day. If you would like to have any special meals prepared, its best to know the manager in charge about this at least a few hours in advance. If the kitchen doesn’t have some of the food items you are requesting, this will give the staff time to purchase it from the closest local market or shop. In Sri Lanka, it’s all about making sure our guests are happy and pampered to their hearts content.

Villa accommodations are becoming more and more sought after in Sri Lanka. This is because guests are starting to prefer the more ‘slow paced’ day they can have whilst basking in the local tropical tranquility that a commercial hotel will never offer. More often than once, villas come with small room numbers meaning there are lesser guests so lesser noise and traffic during their stay. Villas accommodations also come with swimming pools and sometimes private beaches. If not, these beaches can only be accessed by those staying around the area – leaving no room for unwanted visitors to ruin your vacation.

Villas also provide the luxury of massages and yoga with their in-house wellness guru or a private wellness guru that can be booked through the villa manager. Céu Ceylon, is lucky to be a small villa in the southern coast offering all of these comforts at an affordable price. Guests are able to order their meals to either their room and enjoy it with a view of the ocean by be spared of the sea breeze getting in their way. The villa offers 5 room options; a honeymoon suite with a jacuzzi or guests are able to choose from 2 sea view rooms and 2 garden view rooms.

Céu Ceylon is one of the rare villa accommodations that offers their guests a private beach, a lagoon that is less than a minute’s walk from the premises and beach dining options. Should the guest wish, they can visit the local fish market that is 5 minutes away from the villa and purchase the freshets catch of the day which will then be prepared by the in-house chef to the guests liking. The villa is just 3 kilometers away from the main road, and is located close to the Rekawa turtle sanctuary that can be accessed in less than a 10 minute drive. Céu Ceylon is the epitome of villa accommodation in Sri Lanka offering a plenty of vitamin sea, a lagoon and a bird sanctuary that can be explored in total privacy!

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