Surfing in the south of Sri Lanka


Surfing in the South of Sri Lanka

Kalametiya is a little coastal town in Tangalle, located in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. The town of Kalametiya is home to a lagoon that comes with a bird sanctuary full of migratory birds as well as a pristine private beach with waves that are perfect for surfing enthusiasts! Dotted with multiple surfing schools and surfing points, visitors to this coastal town are sure to find the perfect surfing location that fits their liking.

Surfing in Sri Lanka is divided between the South Western, Southern and Eastern Coast. Arugam Bay is the most famous surfing point in the country, however it is quite commercialized and very touristy – depriving you of the opportunity for privacy and solitude. The southern coast is full of secluded and less commercialized surfing spots, that are a real treat to your heart and soul. Why do we say this? It’s because the sea is perfect for surfing, but you are also gifted with the beautiful view of the clear blue ocean, friendly locals and great seafood that won’t break your bank!

The surfing points in the South Western and Southern coast of Sri Lanka are dotted with palm trees that begins from Hikkaduwa and stretches until Tangalle. The surfing season in the south begins from November and goes on until April. During these months, the waves size range from 2 to 7 feet, making this a favorite spot for foreigners to catch some waves! Wind surfing isn’t only confined to the beautiful pristine beaches of Sri Lanka. Lagoons too afford the luxury of giving wind surfers the opportunity, when the wind patterns are right.

The Tangalle surfing point is a reef based surfing location with a right blowing wind. Surfers need medium to professional skills if they are planning of surfing, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t recommended for beginners. There are plenty of surfing schools in the area with trained professionals who will be more than happy to help out even first timers.

After discussing about the weather conditions, surfing season and the general beauty of the southern coast of Sri Lanka, let’s now look into some of the prominent surfing schools and businesses in the southern coast. There are plenty of other small yet very skilled and trusted surfing schools in the south that is just a walk, or if you are being a bit more adventurous a scooter ride away!

The Tangalle Surfing School is one of the prominent surfing establishments in the town. They are reputed for their open and friendly atmosphere and instructors and offers surfing courses ranging from beginner to intermediate level that is open for anyone between the ages of 7 to 60 years!

Another surfing school in Tangalle is the Bandula Surfing School, an ISA certified institution with bronze medalist lifeguards who are surf rescue trained. The school’s founder Bandula (hence the name for the school!), has been surfing since 1990 and is reputed for discovering four breaks in the area of Tangalle. If you are interested to know these breaks, just pop by the school and speak to the staff who will more than happy to help you have the best surfing experience.

All of these surfing schools and locations are less than 30 minutes away from Céu Ceylon, the beautiful and luxurious private villa in the coastal town of Kalametiya in Tangalle. The villa overlooks a pristine private beach on one side that is undisturbed by visitors and pollution and graces a calm lagoon with a sanctuary of migratory birds on the other side. Apart from surfing, there are many activities guests can indulge in during their stay at Céu Ceylon. The unique location of the villa gives it a competitive edge over all other villas in the location as the bird sanctuary, lagoon, turtle hatchery and the beach is all less than a five minute walk away from the property, In fact, the beach is just a wooden gate away from the villa!

The 5 bedroom villa comes complete with all amenities including a double bed, private showers and a bath for the honeymoon suite. a tv with international channels, a quiet reading space, private balconies for the rooms in the first floor whilst the ground floor rooms come with their own private verandahs. Additionally, the honeymoon suite comes with a bath and a romantic four poster bed.

The villa is artfully decorated with locally sourced furniture and home wear, from boutique shops in Colombo that celebrate the rich history of our local art and labor of the handmade products. Céu Ceylon is an all-comprising hidden gem, in the lazy town of Kalametiya Tangalle with a host of fun and relaxing activities including being closely located to some of the island’s best surfing locations and schools.

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