Things to do


Things to do

Turtle Watching

Take a moment to enjoy local wildlife by the beach as turtles come onto the shore to lay eggs during the season. You need not travel a long distance as this can done and enjoyed with just a short walk away from the villa!

Kalametiya Fisheries Harbor

The Kalametiya Fisheries Harbor was brought to life to provide the local fishermen a proper fisheries harbor as the town lacked one, which impacted their main livelihood; fishing. Take a moment to visit this beautiful harbor…

Kalametiya Salt Pans

Staying at Céu Ceylon doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to basking in the sun or visiting the bird sanctuary and subsequent locations around the sanctuary. Take a moment to visit the Kalametiya Salt Pans, also known locally…

Lagoon Safari in the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

Enjoy the coastal beauty of southern Sri Lanka but among many things to do in Tangalle, is to explore the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary; the oldest on this island. Take a Lagoon Safari and spend some time on a day excursion you will truly cherish. The biodiversity of this birding hotspot makes it a wonderland for avid birdwatchers.

Jungle Trekking: The jungle trekking can be done within the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary itself during your excursion. During this trek, you will be able to see some of the wildlife that patronize the land that includes 20 species of mammals and 38 species of reptiles!

Taragala Rock: The Taragala Rock is amidst the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary, offering beautiful views of the surrounding location accompanied by the sweet harmonious tunes of the birds.

Tourist destinations to view in the South when staying at the villa:

Yala National Park

Being the second most visited national park in Sri Lanka, Yala is home to a multitude of wildlife including the infamous Sri Lankan Leopard, Sloth Bear and Sri Lankan Elephant. Located in the South Eastern part of the country, the park boarders the Indian Ocean. The park is just less than a 2 hour drive away from the villa and our staff will be more than happy to arrange transport for you should you wish to engage in a bit of a wildlife adventure.

Whale Watching in Mirissa

Sri Lanka is home to the ‘Big 5’; out of which you are lucky enough to witness all of them in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Go for some whale watching in Mirissa, where you will be able to see the remainder of the Big 5; the Blue Whale and Sperm Whale during the seasons.

Udawalawe National Park

The Udawalawe National Park was created to provide a sanctuary for the wild animals displaced from the creation of the Udawalawe Reservoir and Walawe River as well as to protect the catchment of the reservoir. The national park is home to many flora, fauna and wildlife including birds, mammals, fish and reptiles. Our staff once again would be more than happy to arrange transport and food should you wish to visit the national park.

Mulkirigala Raja Maha viharaya (Temple)

The Mulkirigala Raja Maha Viharaya or Rock Temple, is a Buddhist temple built on a rock that is 205 above sea level and surrounded by another 4 rocks. The temple which was built during the 3rd century, is now considered as an archeological site in Sri Lanka.
The villa itself, with its surrounding natural beauty and many sites makes Céu Ceylon the perfect vacation getaway by the beach!

Hummanaya Blow Hole

Witness ‘Hummanaya’ Blow Hole in person, which is the only blow hole in Sri Lanka and the second largest blow hole in the world!  The name “Hummanaya” refers to the noise, “hoo”, which can be heard from a distance when the blowhole is active.

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